Parkzone’s new F4U Corsair prereview and video [UPDATED]

Posted: August 26, 2008 in product review, r/c airplane video
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Check out my ParkZone Corsair review and maiden video post here.

Check out my Corsair night flying video post here.

ParkZone’s soon-to-be-released addition to its RTF warbird lineup is the F4U Corsair.  Similar to the ParkZone T-28 Trojan, this Corsair will be a fine addition to your hanger.

The first video I saw of this plane it appeared to have retracts.  I later discovered that the kit includes optional skid plates to replace the fixed main gears.  This really adds to the scale realism in fight.

Scheduled to be available in early September, the Corsair comes in two flavors, Ready To Fly and Plug-n-Play.  The RTF version has a street price of around $250 and the PNP version is around $165.

update I: August 31, now available.

Here is a ParkZone pre-review and video of the Corsair.

This is a video from the SEFF 2008 where the Corsair was first introduced to the public: 

Of note is the Spektrum™ DX5e 5-channel full-range 2.4GHz DSM2™ radio system that is included with the RTF version.

update II:  Continue on to this RCGroups thread for all the detals of this great new plane.

Summary from ty horn post:

Overall Review

  • It looks awesome
    It flies like the T-28, but a little faster, and will slow down better
    Weighs 1-2 ounces less than the T-28
    Fuselage is thinner than T-28
    Cowl is stronger than the one on the T-28
    The included 1800mAh lipo weighs about 1 ounce less and is smaller than “older” parkzone 1800 lipos
    Ground Handling is good
    It does not like a cross wind, but will fly inverted, roll, and knife edge real nicely.
    It’s a keeper!
  1. […] foamy has caught my interest I do like the new Parkzone Corsair and I own the Parkzone T-28, but to me, a warbird without retracts doesn’t look as good as one […]

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