Video of Walt’s TopFlite P-51B 3rd Flight (belly landing)

Posted: August 26, 2008 in r/c airplane video, r/c airplanes
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From Walt:

A tip of the hat to Jason, a hardy thank you and well done!! Flight 3 was quite an experience to me as an observer and I am sure to Jason as the pilot. After a run up and adjustment of the throttle settings, it was to the air we went. A couple of blips on the trim settings I heard Jason dile in, the 51 was flying as well as I could have imagined. Like on rails, goes where you point it was Jason’s comments. The fun began with the landing set up. Toggle gear switch NO GEAR. Re-toggle, again NO GEAR! Jason did all he could to get the gear down to no effect. Decision runway or grass. Jason chose the runway and set the ship up for landing. After one pass he decided to go to full flaps and proceded to put the 51 down on the wing tanks and engine as sweet as can be! Sure there was some scrapes and dirt, but no damage to the air frame and fully repairable wing tanks. I told J that I had thought of taking the tanks off for this flight! I will try to get the gear mystery figured out before flight #4.We think the gear were binding on the top wing skins or rib, even though the air valve said down, the gear were tight up against the rib, thus to tight to come down. Some polylube and maybe a small washer under the retract will help. I am sure Jason does not want that experience again, but I know his experience and pro skills are there if needed!! Again THANKS JB!!! Walt


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