My new Falcon 25 electric conversion

Posted: August 29, 2008 in r/c airplane video, r/c airplanes
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Working out the final details for the upcoming maiden of my NitroPlanes Falcon 25.  Jason helped with last minute radio programming and some important setup tips as this is (should be) a high performance electric pusher jet capable of 100+ MPH.


Wing Span: 39.4 in
Fuselage Length: 46.2 in
Flying Weight: 3.9lb

Medusa MR-036-050-1300-5 Afterburner brushless in-runner motor
Hitech HS-65 servos for tail surfaces
Hitech HS-85 servos for wing surfaces
Castle Creations Phoenix 60 ESC
Cellpro Revolectrix Red Label 20c LiPo Battery, 2 and 4-cell 3200mAh in series
APC 6.5 x 6 electric prop

Calculated Performance:
Motor Speed – 26,023 RPM
Motor Current – 43.65 Amps
Motor Power – 910.0 Watts (233 Watts per pound)
Prop Thrust – 80.49 Ounces (5lbs)
Prop Pitch Speed – 147.9 MPH

Here’s video of a Falcon 25 running a 4-cell setup:


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