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Here’s a great video of two warbirds taking the sky together.  Walt built both planes and Carl & Jason had some fun with them.



This time I mounted the prop correctly and Jason took her off! I used a 6.5 x 5 prop as the 6.5 x 6 hadn’t come in yet.

These specs are from the Medusa Motor Calculator for the 6.5 x 5 prop which are really close to the actuals (I just forgot to write them down from my watt meter):

26,411 RPM
37.68 AMPs
792.5 WATTs

Jason’s naked eye speed estimate is around 110 MPH. Only got 3 minutes of flight with the 3200mAh batteries, better throttle management would help but it’s a jet right?

Larger mAh batteries will have to wait, so I’ll have to make the most of those 3 minutes.

The landing was perfect, soft and fast but the nose wheel former broke lose. A little fiber-poxy and she’ll be good to go.

Here’s the maiden video.

I do like the new Parkzone Corsair and I own the Parkzone T-28, but to me, a warbird without retracts doesn’t look as good as one with them.  Yes you can remove the gear to hand launch and belly land but that doesn’t always workout so well if you don’t have a smooth or soft runway to protect the plane and prop.

I haven’t previously looked all that closely at foam airplanes, so I hadn’t noticed that there are several models available with retracts.  I had assumed that the ones that I had seen with retracts were modified from either fixed gear or hand launch versions.

I have come across two warbird foamies that I plan to look further into and both come from the factory with retracts.  One is the E-flite Hawker Sea Fury and the other is the Hobby-Lobby Alfa Model P-47.

The Hawker is a 3-cell LiPo, 400-sized EPS injection-molded foam ARF.  It has a 37” wingspan and a 25-30oz flying weight and includes the optional retracts.  Price is $109.

Hobby-Lobby offers several Alfa Model hollow-molded foam construction ARF’s, but a new one is a P-47 with retracts and flaps.  It is 3-cell LiPo, sub 400-size with a 33” wingspan and a 16oz flying weight.  Price is $169.

When I can fit a purchase of one of these into my budget I’ll write up a more detailed review.