Maiden of the Falcon 25

Posted: September 5, 2008 in r/c airplane video, r/c airplanes
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This time I mounted the prop correctly and Jason took her off! I used a 6.5 x 5 prop as the 6.5 x 6 hadn’t come in yet.

These specs are from the Medusa Motor Calculator for the 6.5 x 5 prop which are really close to the actuals (I just forgot to write them down from my watt meter):

26,411 RPM
37.68 AMPs
792.5 WATTs

Jason’s naked eye speed estimate is around 110 MPH. Only got 3 minutes of flight with the 3200mAh batteries, better throttle management would help but it’s a jet right?

Larger mAh batteries will have to wait, so I’ll have to make the most of those 3 minutes.

The landing was perfect, soft and fast but the nose wheel former broke lose. A little fiber-poxy and she’ll be good to go.

Here’s the maiden video.

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