My Most Recent Electric Conversion (Updated)

Posted: December 25, 2008 in general flying, r/c airplane video, r/c airplanes
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This one is the VQ MODELS TomHawk .46 ARF Sport “Jet”. I ended up being a bit under prop’ed with a 12 x 8. I’ll try a 12 x 10 on the next flight to get a bit more speed.

This is a really nice looking plane and it drew a lot of attention down at the field.

Motor – HIMAX HC5018-530
ESC – CC Phoenix HV45
Power – CellPro 6 cell 3200 mAh
Prop – APC 12 x 8
Watts – 785
AMPs – 35
Weight – 6.7 lbs

Here’s the maiden video:

Update – Okay, with this conversion I wasn’t getting the performance I was happy with.  I tried different props but still didn’t get to the performance I was happy with.

So, I went and re-converted it to glow power.  I used the trusty OS .55AX and I’m more then pleased with it now.

Watch Jason take some hot laps with the glow powered TomHawk.


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