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update – We now have a trifecta of Knockabouts flying at our club.  Dave liked how ours flew and wanted one.  He went with the yellow one so we’d all have different colors.

Watch Dave’s maiden flight:

George and I picked up the Pacific Aeromodel’s KNOCKABOUT at the recent AMA Expo held in southern California at the Ontario Convention Center.

At the Expo, we spoke with the KNOCKABOUT’S designer, Jim Feldmann, and he told us that he’s worked on this design for over 10 years to get the flying characteristics just right.  As descibed on the web site, the KNOCKABOUT has a special high lift airfoil that makes the plane ideal for on-the-deck flying, either high speed or low and slow. Sophisticated aerodynamics make it incredibly smooth in any attitude, yet it is aerobatic at your command.

George was the first to get his in the air.  His is a 6 cell electric conversion and it flew very nicely.  Mine should be flying this coming weekend with an OS .55AX.

Watch George’s maiden flight:

update – As I mentioned above, I picked up my Knockabout at the AMA Expo from the planes designer, Jim Feldmann. It was one of his demo planes and the price was right.

I mounted my OS 55AX with a 13×6 prop and it really made this sport plane come alive. All it took was this one flight to know I had a plane that I’ll always want in my collection.

Watch my maiden flight:


Check out my Corsair night flying video post here.

I picked up the ParkZone F4U Corsair PNP this afternoon from Jammie at Hobby Town USA and 15 minutes later it was flying.

I had high expectations for the Corsair as I have previously owned the similar ParkZone T-28 Trojan, which is a fantastic flying airplane, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Corsair and the T-28 have to be the best flying scale foamies around.  I’ve seen about a dozen or so club members having a ball with these planes and even a few have learned to fly with the T-28.

If you’ve never flown before or have just started, I suggest getting the T-28 first.  The T-28 flies a bit more stable and the tricycle landing gear configuration helps make take offs and landing a little easier.

Once you’ve mastered the T-28 by all means get the Corsair, the scale look of this plane is a joy to behold.

And when the wind is blowing 15+mph don’t miss the chance to have the most fun you’ll have with these planes!  Watch the video to see for yourselves.

For more in-depth information, read Greg Covy’s RCUniverse review.