ParkZone F4U Corsair Review and Maiden Video

Posted: January 4, 2009 in product review, r/c airplane video, r/c airplanes
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Check out my Corsair night flying video post here.

I picked up the ParkZone F4U Corsair PNP this afternoon from Jammie at Hobby Town USA and 15 minutes later it was flying.

I had high expectations for the Corsair as I have previously owned the similar ParkZone T-28 Trojan, which is a fantastic flying airplane, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Corsair and the T-28 have to be the best flying scale foamies around.  I’ve seen about a dozen or so club members having a ball with these planes and even a few have learned to fly with the T-28.

If you’ve never flown before or have just started, I suggest getting the T-28 first.  The T-28 flies a bit more stable and the tricycle landing gear configuration helps make take offs and landing a little easier.

Once you’ve mastered the T-28 by all means get the Corsair, the scale look of this plane is a joy to behold.

And when the wind is blowing 15+mph don’t miss the chance to have the most fun you’ll have with these planes!  Watch the video to see for yourselves.

For more in-depth information, read Greg Covy’s RCUniverse review.

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