GoPro RC Hero On-board Video Camera

Posted: March 17, 2009 in general flying, general interest, product review, r/c airplane video, r/c airplanes
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I’ve always thought an R/C airplane would make a good platform for some interesting perspectives for photo’s and video.

But I never really found a good enough reason to experiment with it, and from what I could find on the web the available equipment was either too poor in quality or too expensive and complicated.

Recently a reason to experiment with on-board video came up when our club started its construction phase of our new shade structure.

Being such a momentous occasion, I decided to look into it again to try and capture more of the moment.

Once again, the available equipment I was finding was either too poor in quality or too expensive and complicated, until a club member that happens to work for Hobby People mentioned that they started carrying a camera for on-board video.

I went to check out the camera and low and behold, my searching was over. I immediately knew I had just found the camera I’ve been looking for.

The camera is distributed by TRAXXAS and is called the RC Hero by GoPro. Being readily impressed just by reading the camera specifications on the box, I wanted to give it a try.

Simple to operate and simple to mount

At first look, this camera appeared to satisfy all of the requirements I had.  It’s a self-contained camera, with no wires and no airplane modifications required. The camera’s resolution is also similar to the camera I’m already using for ground videos and it appeared to be of high quality at a reasonable price.

I wasn’t disappointed. So far the camera is performing well taking very good video and photos.

I mounted the camera to the underside of my Hobbico Electristar at the CG line using the adhesive mounting plate, attached the camera, double checked the CG, started the camera and took off!

Watch my first edited video attempt. The wide angle lens allows for a greater field of view so you capture more of what you are filming, it adds peripheral vision instead of the tunnel effect you get with a regular lens.


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