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I started out flying two-stroke glow engines 15 years ago, but when I got back into the hobby I went electric.

I built and converted many .40 – .60 size planes to electric power and really enjoyed using all the advanced technology available and learning something new.

However, I found that I really missed glow engines and started re-converting some planes to glow and building all my new ones glow powered.

Always willing to try something new and to expand my experience’s, I decided to get a four-stroke glow engine.  I went with a Thunder Tiger as the price was very reasonable and I haven’t heard anything bad about them.  I knew they wouldn’t perform comparably with the other more expensive and technically advanced four-stroke engines, but I figured I’d get a good look at a four-stroke and still be satisfied with it.

And I was right.  The engine performs flawlessly and as long as you have the correct size engine matched to the correct size plane you can’t go wrong.  Time will tell if the engine’s reliability will hold up but for now I think they are a pretty good deal.


Getting ready to start a new build.  I’ve been waiting a while for this kit and it was finally released in late May.

Wingspan: 63 in. (1600 mm.)
Wing Area: 730 in². (46.5 dm².)
Weight: 9.5-10.5 lb. (3970-4540 g)
Wing Loading: 30-33 oz./ft². (91-101 g./dm².)
Length: 56 in (1420 mm.)
Engine: 2-stroke .60 -.91 (10 -15 cc.) or 4-stroke .90 -1.20 (15 -20 cc.)
Radio Equipment: 6-channel radio w/8 servos

Be sure to keep up with the build log here.

Did you know that the P-47 was the original RTF?  Watch this 4 part video of a 1943 U.S Army training film showing how to un-box and assemble a P-47 in the field.  Just amazing engineering.


Due in late July, 2009.  Has the same spcifications as the original Navy version.