Electric Glo-Engine Starter Conversion

Posted: December 7, 2009 in general interest, r/c airplanes
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You’re just a few simple steps away of freeing yourself from the wires of suppression.

Wires you ask?  You know those pesky wires that keep you tethered to that 40lb. flight box like the proverbial ball and chain.

With the proliferation of electric flight, batteries have sufficiently dropped in price making them useful in so many different ways.  One use is a simple conversion of your 12v wired electric starter to either an 11.1v or 14.8v lipo, or 14.4v NiMH / NiCd wireless electric starter.

If you already have some spare or tired battery packs lying around, instead of them just collecting dust put them to some good use. A 3 or 4 cell lipo works the easiest as there is only the need for a single battery pack.  If you’re using NiMH or NiCd batteries, you’ll need to use two 7.2v packs wired in serial to bring the total volts to 14.4.

It’s a quick and simple process.

First, using Velcro or plastic ties, attach your battery pack securely to the starter.

Second, cut off the starter lead wires leaving enough wire to connect to the battery pack lead and solder on your preferred connector and your freed!

My old Hobby Shack 12v wired starter converted to 14.8v wireless using a 4 cell lipo

You’ll find that 14+ volts will transform your starter.  No more jamming the starter onto the spinner to get that large 4-stroke to spin and two strokes start in a jiffy.

Now, the last part for total freedom is a rechargeable glo-igniter.  If you’re still using the wired type, you won’t be for very much longer.

  1. Ron says:

    This infomation is great, not all folks know how to wire the batteries in series. This would complete a very good idea. Thanks

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