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I got my hands on some large coroplast sheets and went ahead and made my first plane from scratch.  I picked the HOR as it is really simple and I could use some of the techniques I learned building the MiGs and  because I can use it compete in SSC combat.

Type: SSC Combat and Sport

Wingspan: 48″

Length: 32″

Engine: .15 to as much as you dare!

Channels: 3 – Elevator,  Ailerons & Throttle

The fuse is aluminum L-channel, the motor mount is kitchen cutting-board and the wing uses Home Depot yard stick spars.  Pretty basic.

Check out this site for complete build instructions:



SSC MiG-3 called “Black 7” with a Magnum .15ci engine.  Took her to a combat event last weekend and she survived, collecting a few streamers along the way.

Watch the event video:

This is pretty neat.  A 15 cc gasoline engine that will work as a replacement for a .91 ci 4-stroke glow engine, and it costs less.

I’m checking on the weight and dimensions to see if I can use it in my 90 size Hellcat.

It’s an RCGF 15 cc distributed by South East R/C Engines.

RCGF also has a 20 cc gas engine that can replace a 1.20 ci 4- stroke glow.  Both are listed at $219.00