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The Corsair, or any warbird, looks so much better in flight with the wheels up.  I found a nice light weight and correctly sized retract set at Hobby-Lobby.

You’re limited by the wing thickness so the location of the retracts are not scale if you want to keep as much of the retract hidden as possible.  Real Corsair landing gear retract towards the back of the wing, parallel with the fuselage.   These will have to retract towards the wing tip, parallel with the wing leading edge.

The ParkZone foam cuts easily and using a cylinder cutter bit on a Dremel makes the work fast and accurate.  I’ll have to re-route the aileron servo leads around the wheel well cut-out but other than that no other modification is needed.

I still need to mount the other retract and then secure both retracts and servos to the wing.  I plan on using some thin ply epoxied to the wing to make rails to mount the retracts to and some double stick tape to hold the servo in place.

A “Y” connector and a servo rate reducer will be used to control  the retracts.

More info to follow as I finish this mod.