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Voltage Isolator

Posted: September 25, 2010 in r/c airplanes

Had a conversation at the field about the JR 791 High Torque Servo.

Turns out that the three of us had burned these servos up because we weren’t aware that they can only handle 4.8v. Now, you’d think that a more expensive higher torque servo would handle the same voltage as the less expensive lower torque version
but that’s not the case.

So if you have this servo or any other 4.8v servo and need to use it in your 6 volt application you’re going to burn it out unless you use a device I just happened to come across.

It’s a Voltage Isolator from Dionysus Design and cost $17.99.

The Voltage Isolator is designed to allow your model to use higher voltages on certain servos and other electronics that should not be powered by 6 volts. The Voltage Isolator provides a barrier between the 4.8v electronics and the 6v electronics.

Can also be used with BEC’s for electric planes.