Spektrum DSMX

Posted: February 3, 2011 in general interest, product review, r/c airplanes



The DSMX take away is “Frequency Agile”.

DSM2 uses two frequencies across the spectrum to hop on. DSMX uses 23 frequencies to hop on and uses a random frequency selection method.

I’d say that this approach is similar to the Futaba FASST system.  One difference being, if I’m not mistaken, is FASST hops on frequencies from one end of the spectrum to the other. DSMX randomly hops frequencies across the spectrum.

This reduces the chance of frequency collision with other 2.4 transmitters.  Not a big deal at a local club but becomes an issue with hundreds of pilots at large events.

DSMX has been in the field for over a year.  It’s claimed to have been thoroughly tested.

DSM2 transmitters can use new DSMX receivers and new DSMX transmitters can use DSM2 receivers.

DSM2 transmitters can be upgraded to DSMX.  The DX8 transmitter can be upgraded through the internet.  Other Spektrum and JR DSM2 transmitters can be sent to Horizon and for a fee upgraded to DSMX.


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