Winter Build Project: Pacific Aeromodels Super Knockabout Kit – DLE-30

Posted: November 22, 2011 in product review, r/c airplanes

Click here to read the build log

From the designer:

The Knockabout 46 is recognized across the country as one of the best sport flyers ever designed. Although it has been out of production for 2 years, I still get new inquiries and previous buyers calling, looking for another Knockabout 46.

The Super Knockabout is the same airplane, but enlarged to 80” wingspan and with a new semi-symmetrical airfoil. It flies just as well as the smaller size and actually lands a little slower. It has plug in wings to ease transportation and storage, and it’s perfect for large glow engines or 160 size electric power.

The Super Knockabout is now available as a built-it-yourself kit. The cowl, wing tube, landing gear and wheels are included. You supply the the pushrods and horns of your choice. This kit is made in very small quantities right here in the USA and that makes it expensive, but you cannot buy a better or more fun IMAA legal sport
plane for any price.

• Wingspan…………….. 80.5 inches
• Wing Area…………….. 1200 sq. in.
• Overall Length……….…64 inches
• Ready to Fly Weight……13 – 14 pounds
• Radio Equipment……….4 – 5 channels
5 – 7 servos
• Power……………Glow 1.20 – 1.80
Electric 2200 – 2700 watt

• IMAA legal
• Plug in wings
• Convenient battery hatch
• Fast and easy, self jigging, assembly
• Over 100 laser cut parts included
• All parts except sticks and sheeting are laser-cut
• Tail dragger and float mounts are built right in
• Designed, cut and boxed in the USA

  1. Robert W Howard says:

    After flying my 46 version fgor 3 years I crashed it, as you are out production is there a set plans available?

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