Glow Power Transmitter Throttle Kill

Posted: January 17, 2012 in general flying, general interest, r/c airplanes

I had a fail safe incident some years back and found a solution for my problem.  I  just recently found the information again so I thought I’d post it.

I had an experience a while back  that almost cost me my Aeroworks .60 -.90 Extra when I first had it on glow power. Thankfully only the gear was ripped out and was repaired, but it could have been much worse for the plane and anyone or anything in the area.

As I was taxing back to the pilot station, I went to use the transmitters throttle trim to kill the engine when I accidentally turned off the transmitter. Well, I had not set my fail safe correctly and the engine went full throttle. The plane clipped a berm and landed in a ditch.

It all happened so fast and I had no idea the transmitter was off and that I would not have had any control had the plane taken off, scary is one word to describe it.

My bad for not ensuring that I set the  transmitter’s built in fail safe correctly, and now I wanted a transmitter throttle cut-off switch to prevent this from happening again.

Searching the internet I found forum discussion groups that had instructions for setting cut-off switches on various brands and models of transmitters.

The below instructions are for the transmitter I use, the JR X9303 and utilizes the trainer button switch to kill the engine.


Go into the System Menu by pressing down on the ENTER button while powering on the transmitter.

1. Go to DeviceSEL
2. Select Aux4 and press the selector
3. Roll to BUTN and press
4. Roll down and INH Aux4

Exit and go to the Function Menu

1. Pick a PROG.MIX. I used MIX3
2. Roll over INH and press
3. Select AUX4 as the Master and THRO as the Slave Push the Trainer Button. In the upper left of the screen of the Mix screen, you’ll see [PROG.MIX3]>0 or maybe a >1. Release the trainer button and you should see a little bar to the right of the >0 move up and down.
5. Scroll to Pos0 (or Pos1), press the rolling selector. Press and hold the trainer button and scroll to 100%. You’ll have to turn your plane on and check the throttle to see if you need +100% or -100%.

Exit the mix and you’re done. Press the trainer button and the engine shuts down.


Using the above programming directions, I programmed my JR X9303 transmitter to use the trainer button as the engine cut-off.

Assuming that your transmitter is in the same factory default configuration as mine, the directions worked perfectly.

Note that pressing the trainer button when the throttle is in a position other than full off, may not completely close the throttle.  This is a servo travel issue so this kill function won’t work in all situations.

If you need to use the trainer button as the trainer button, you’ll need to either reconfigure a different button for the kill switch or create a duplicate model with the reconfigured kill button for trainer use.


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