Fourtitude R/C Gasoline Fuel Tank

Posted: July 23, 2012 in general flying, general interest, product review, r/c airplanes

Just installed a new Fourtitude R/C fuel tank in my new 50cc Aeroworks Sport Cub. The cub only had a few flights on it and dead sticked. Turned out the fuel tank was empty after a 5 minute flight. Removed the stock tank and saw that there were three splits at the bung hole.

I used this opportunity to install a 16oz fuel tank from Fourtitude R/C. As you can see in the picture these come pre-assembled and ready to install right out of the packaging.

Another great feature is that you can see through the tank to visual inspect the clunk line and confirm the fuel level. I put a couple of flights on the Sport Cub and had no issues with the new tank.

  1. John Sid says:

    These RC fuel tanks are amazing as you can fit them in any RC auto because they are light weighted and can be adjusted any where..

    For more information click here

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