Morgan RC / E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub Battery Cartridge System

Posted: August 10, 2014 in r/c airplanes

Morgan RC Battery Cartridge

I went ahead and ordered and received the Morgan RC E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub Battery Cartridge.  There’s a risk ordering optional goodies for a plane because you’re not really sure if the plane will still be in one piece before you get the chance to use it!  Well, I took the chance because I see the immediate benefits it provides for this plane and it’s not just bling.

Small parts come packed in a zip-lock baggy.  No instructions are provided and you’ll need to supply a small bolt and lock-nut for the lock mechanism.  You’ll need to refer to the company’s website to  watch an assembly video to make sure you get it right. Thin CA is all that’s needed.  The video mentions that others have used wood glue and even epoxy but CA will do the job nice and easy.


Note that the two wrench pieces differ from the assembly video and are actually the cartridge front and rear pieces.  The two holes are positioned at the bottom when installed. You use one of the holes for the cartridge gate.


All of the laser cuts are crisp and clean.


I used a 4-40 3/8 socket head screw with a washer and Nylok nut for the cartridge gate.


Assembly took about 15 minutes following along with the video.  Everything aligned perfectly straight.


Remove the existing mount and reuse the screws.  Installing the rack deck was easy as the mounting screw holes were perfectly aligned with the stock mounting holes.


Now you have a one-handed operation to install and remove your flight battery without damaging the hatch opening and the hassle of dealing with the two Velcro straps in a confined space.  In addition, the extra long rack deck allows you to move the battery much further aft to shift some weight towards the tail which you couldn’t do with the stock mount.

All in all an excellent product.





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