Bill Hemple’s 25% Xtreme Decathlon

Posted: November 16, 2016 in r/c airplanes

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I have the plane and starting the build, just need time to catch up on the posts.  I’ll be using a DLE-55 for power with a 23 x 8 Xoar prop, Hitec HS-7954SH servos for the control surfaces, HS-5645MG servos for the flaps and throttle and a Spektrum AR8000 8-Channel Receiver.

I’m enjoying the high wing planes and wanted one with a bit more aerobatic capabilities.  The Decathlon’s are great looking and great flying planes and the Xtreme design makes it a unique one with some nice features like clipped wing and flaps.

The new Xtreme Decathlon is a redesigned 25% size model with a clipped wing. The wing span has been reduced from 100” to 92.2” to be “scale” with the new Xtreme full scale counterpart. There is no dihedral in the wings to reduce the roll coupling and improving the rolling capability. This new airplane also now includes a C/F main gear, C/F spinner and C/F tail wheel. A full hardware kit is included as well including the titanium pro-links and c/f pushrods, control arms, pull-pull for the rudder, and aluminum wheels.

Wing Span: 92.2”

Stab Span: 31”

Length: 66” (70” w/spinner)

Height: 23”

Engine: 30cc-50cc

Servos: 6 servos minimum

Covering: Ultracote (Oracover) Red/White

Pocket type hinging on ailerons

Titanium pro-links and C/F pushrods

Carbon Fiber Spinner

Carbon Fiber wing tube

Formed tinted windows

Carbon Fiber landing gear

Aluminum wheels

C/F tail wheel


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