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I have the plane and starting the build, just need time to catch up on the posts.  I’ll be using a DLE-55 for power with a 23 x 8 Xoar prop, Hitec HS-7954SH servos for the control surfaces, HS-5645MG servos for the flaps and throttle and a Spektrum AR8000 8-Channel Receiver.

I’m enjoying the high wing planes and wanted one with a bit more aerobatic capabilities.  The Decathlon’s are great looking and great flying planes and the Xtreme design makes it a unique one with some nice features like clipped wing and flaps.

The new Xtreme Decathlon is a redesigned 25% size model with a clipped wing. The wing span has been reduced from 100” to 92.2” to be “scale” with the new Xtreme full scale counterpart. There is no dihedral in the wings to reduce the roll coupling and improving the rolling capability. This new airplane also now includes a C/F main gear, C/F spinner and C/F tail wheel. A full hardware kit is included as well including the titanium pro-links and c/f pushrods, control arms, pull-pull for the rudder, and aluminum wheels.

Wing Span: 92.2”

Stab Span: 31”

Length: 66” (70” w/spinner)

Height: 23”

Engine: 30cc-50cc

Servos: 6 servos minimum

Covering: Ultracote (Oracover) Red/White

Pocket type hinging on ailerons

Titanium pro-links and C/F pushrods

Carbon Fiber Spinner

Carbon Fiber wing tube

Formed tinted windows

Carbon Fiber landing gear

Aluminum wheels

C/F tail wheel


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Strong Light Weight Construction

Professionally Covered in Ultracote™

Extra Ultracover™ Covering Provided for Small Repairs

Pre-Mounted Fiberglass Cowl

Hot Air Exit Templates Provided for Cowl

Quick Release Top Hatch

Pre-Installed and Fuel Proofed Firewall

Laser Cut Engine Mounting Templates Provided

Fits Both DLE 20cc and DLE 30cc Engines

Pre-Drilled Motor Mount for DLE20cc

Custom Choke Bracket and Linkage for DLE 20cc

Pre-Assembled Gas Fuel Tank

Reinforced Landing Gear Mounting Area

Two Piece Wing

One Servo Per Wing

Semi-Symmetrical Air Foiled Wing

Large Control Surfaces Beveled for Maximum Throw

Pre-Hinged from Factory (Ready to Fly) No Gluing

Aluminum Wing Tube

Painted and Pre-Mounted 7075 Aluminum Landing Gear

Factory Decal Set Included

Complete High Quality SAE Hardware Package Included

Adjustable Pushrods with Centering Nut

C.G.Buddy for the Perfect Center of Gravity

Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD

8 to 10 Hours Assembly Time

Optional Accessories:

Wheel Pants

Candy Drop



Wing Span 88 Inches

Wing Area 1320 Square Inches

Fuselage Length 70.5 Inches (Rudder to Front of Cowl)

Fuselage Length 74 Inches (Rudder to Front of Spinner)

Cowl Width 6.25 Inches

Weight 11 to 13 Pounds

Engine 20cc to 30cc Gas

Spinner Size 3 Inches

Radio 6 Channel Minimum


Recommended Servos:


 Hitec HS-5645MG


 Hitec HS-5645MG (Quantity 2)


 Hitec HS-5645MG


 Hitec HS-5645MG

Candy Drop

 Hitec HS-5645MG

*See Manual for Minimum Operating Speed – Torque Output


Ultracote™ Color Codes:

 #866 True Red

 #870 White

 #884 Cub Yellow

 #846 Pearl Charcoal


Replacement Parts:

 Aeroworks sells Replacement Parts for all of our Aircraft.

 Please call 303-371-4222 for Price and Availability.

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Image for Carbon-Z® T-28 BNF Basic with AS3X® Technology from HorizonHobby

Key Features

  • Easy to complete final assembly
  • AS3X technology delivers flight performance that’s rock-solid
  • Electric retractable tricycle landing gear (installed)
  • Operational flaps with individual servos (installed)
  • Rigid Carbon-Z construction for a rigid airframe
  • Scale appearance with cockpit and radial engine detail
  • Spektrum 6-channel AR636A DSMX® receiver (installed)
  • Powerful 60-Size brushless power system (installed)
  • 7 × High-quality, metal-gear servos (installed)
  • Accepts a range of 6S 22.2V Li-Po batteries from 3500–5000mAh
  • Large canopy hatch with latch closure
  • Two-piece, bolt-on wings and stabilizers
  • Vivid trim scheme with U.S. Navy inspired graphics
  • 2-blade propeller (included)
  • Flat-style pin hinges on the ailerons, rudder and elevator
  • Scale landing gear strut details and two-piece main gear doors


The Friendly Warbird

The E-flite® Carbon-Z® T-28 airplane is a big warbird model with all the benefits that make RC flight fun. Exclusive Carbon-Z construction allows a large airplane such as this to be rigid like a conventional all-wood airframe, yet lightweight so it can have friendly flying characteristics. Plus, the durability of the Z-Foammaterial means that any bumps along the way are simple to repair. Numerous scale details include a cockpit with instruments and pilot figure while the fitted cowl highlights a dummy radial engine. Of course, no warbird would be complete without functional flaps and operational retracts—both are factory installed.

Since the boom of practical electric power, foam has been an important construction material for RC aircraft. Stable and lightweight, revolutionary Z-Foam material came along to add a level of resiliency and reparability that made RC flight more fun, especially for pilots with very little free time. Exclusive Carbon-Z construction combines the durability of Z-Foam, the strength of lightweight plywood and carbon-fiber with a specially designed hollow-core airframe to take high performance flight beyond any other construction method. Today, Carbon-Z delivers “Big Foam” with a platform that’s as friendly as the iconic ParkZone® T-28, yet maintains all of the above benefits for an experience that’s impressive at the field and in flight.

The advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) system built into the Spektrum 6-channel AR636A receiver is what helps give the E-flite Carbon-Z T-28 an incredibly solid look and feel in the air. It works behind the scenes to help counter the effects of wind and turbulence by combining 3-axis sensing with specially tuned flight control software. As a result, an impressive model like the T-28 is made even better because your workload to fly smoothly is significantly reduced.

Start flying right away with your full-range 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum DSM2®/DSMX® technology, a 3500–5000mAh 6S 30C 22.2V Li-Po flight battery and suitable charger.

Carbon-Z® Construction

Exclusive Carbon-Z technology features composite construction that allows the wing to be chambered, significantly reducing weight while increasing rigidity comparable to all-wood construction.

The AS3X advantage

The AS3X® technology that’s a part of the AR636A receiver installed in the T-28 BNF Basic version significantly reduces your workload to fly smoothly. Only its specially tuned electronics and software offer flight performance that feels rock-solid, right out of the box.

Electric retracts

The tricycle landing gear of the Carbon-Z T-28 feature nose wheel steering and the reliability of servoless retraction. Split-main gear doors and strut covers add to the scale appearance.

Operational flaps

The operational flaps feature movement much like the full-scale T-28 and independent servos for the most reliable system of control possible.

Scale detail

Under the clear canopy sits a pilot figure and additional cockpit detail. The cowling features a dummy radial engine and the scale-inspired paint scheme offers excellent in-flight visibility.

Powerful 60-size motor

The potent 60-size brushless power system drives a custom 2-blade propeller and is able to use a wide-range of 6S Li-Po battery packs from 3500–5000mAh (battery sold separately).

Easy assembly

The main-wing separates into two pieces for easy transport and features a fiberglass wing joiner. Each plug-in horizontal stabilizer half attaches to the tail section with a single screw.

High-quality metal gear servos

Seven servos throughout the airframe help deliver the primary control functions. The single micro-class servo for nosewheel steering saves weight while offering precise ground handling.

Key Specifications

Material: Z-Foam
Wingspan: 78 in (198 cm)
Length: 63 in (162 cm)
Wing Area: 1073 sq in (70 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 12.0 lbs (5.5kg)
Motor Size: 50-60 Size
Recommended Motor Battery: 22.2V 5000mAh 30C 6S LiPo
Minimum Required Radio: DX6
Recommended Fuel: Electric
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: Yes
Approximate Flight Time: 8 minutes
Approximate Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour

Dusting off the R/C Duck and ordered floats for the Carbon-Z Cub.  I’ll review the installation of the floats when they arrive this weekend.

New Hobby – New Weblog

Posted: September 14, 2014 in r/c airplanes

My Cycling Adventuers Mast Head

I started another hobby, Cycling.  It’s a natural here in the Tucson area as cycling is a major activity.  Lot’s of road paths and desert trails are right out side the front door, so to speak, and mountain trails are about an hour away.

Take a look at my new blog if you’re interested:  “My Cycling Adventures“.

I still fly in the mornings on the weekends and mix in cycling afterwards.

Morgan RC Battery Cartridge

I went ahead and ordered and received the Morgan RC E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub Battery Cartridge.  There’s a risk ordering optional goodies for a plane because you’re not really sure if the plane will still be in one piece before you get the chance to use it!  Well, I took the chance because I see the immediate benefits it provides for this plane and it’s not just bling.

Small parts come packed in a zip-lock baggy.  No instructions are provided and you’ll need to supply a small bolt and lock-nut for the lock mechanism.  You’ll need to refer to the company’s website to  watch an assembly video to make sure you get it right. Thin CA is all that’s needed.  The video mentions that others have used wood glue and even epoxy but CA will do the job nice and easy.


Note that the two wrench pieces differ from the assembly video and are actually the cartridge front and rear pieces.  The two holes are positioned at the bottom when installed. You use one of the holes for the cartridge gate.


All of the laser cuts are crisp and clean.


I used a 4-40 3/8 socket head screw with a washer and Nylok nut for the cartridge gate.


Assembly took about 15 minutes following along with the video.  Everything aligned perfectly straight.


Remove the existing mount and reuse the screws.  Installing the rack deck was easy as the mounting screw holes were perfectly aligned with the stock mounting holes.


Now you have a one-handed operation to install and remove your flight battery without damaging the hatch opening and the hassle of dealing with the two Velcro straps in a confined space.  In addition, the extra long rack deck allows you to move the battery much further aft to shift some weight towards the tail which you couldn’t do with the stock mount.

All in all an excellent product.





I did it again!  I really enjoy the Carbon-Z Cub and I like everything about it.  The Carbon-Z Splendor offers a different flying style and uses the same batteries as the Cub.  Assembly log coming soon.

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Key Features

  • Easy to complete, bolt-on final assembly
  • Exceptionally strong Carbon-Z™ wing and fuselage structure
  • AS3X® system for precision and agility without equal
  • Spektrum™ AR635 6-channel AS3X sport receiver installed
  • High-output, 50-size brushless Q-Power system installed
  • Digital high-speed, metal gear mini servos installed
  • Fully-hinged control surfaces with control links installed
  • Brilliantly finished, original Mirco Pecorari trim scheme
  • Plug-in wings and stabilizers
  • High-grade, socket-head hardware used throughout
  • Large access hatch with mechanical latch closure
  • Modern cockpit details and pilot bust installed
  • Efficient interior ducting provides generous component cooling



The E-flite® Carbon-Z™ Splendor® BNF Basic monoplane represents the pinnacle of performance and aerobatic versatility. F3A World Aerobatic Champion Quique Somenzini envisioned the Carbon-Z Splendor aircraft to deliver everything the modern world of precision flying has to offer, with not just the ability to perform elegant F3A sequence aerobatics, but extreme 3D stunts as well. In conjunction with the benefits of rigid Carbon-Z construction in the wings and fuselage, ground-breaking AS3X® technology built into the included Spektrum™ AR635 receiver makes it possible for you to experience unparalleled stability and a flight envelope wider than ever before possible.


Product Specifications

Wingspan: 54.5 in (1384mm)
Overall Length: 56.8 in (1443mm)
Wing Area: 645 sq. in. (41.5 sq. dm.)
Flying Weight: 5.50 lb (2.50 kg)
Motor Size: 50-size brushless outrunner
Radio: AR635 6-channel AS3X receiver (installed)
Servos: (4) 26-gram digital metal gear mini servos (installed)
Trim Scheme Colors: Red, purple and white
CG (center of gravity): 5.91 in (150mm) from leading edge at wing root
Wing Loading: 19.7 oz/sq ft (60.1 g/sq dm)
Prop Size: 14 x 7E
Spinner Size: 2.7 in (68mm)
Speed Control : 60-amp switch-mode BEC brushless ESC (installed)
Recommended Battery: 6S 22.2V 3200mAh 30C LiPo
Flaps: No
Retracts: No
Control Throw (Ailerons): Low: 80% up/down, 15% expo; High: 100% up/down, 15% expo
Control Throw (Elevator): Low: 75% up/down, 15% expo; High: 100% up/down, 15% expo
Control Throw (Rudder): Low: 60% right/left, 10% expo; High: 100% right/left, 20% expo
Approx. Flying Duration: 5-7 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes


Needed to Complete

– A full-range 5+ channel DSM2®/DSMX® transmitter with adjustable dual rates and exponential
– 6S 22.2V 3200mAh 30C LiPo flight battery
– Charger capable of charging 6S LiPo batteries